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The Pelvic Floor and Its Importance

“Wait! You mean [the pelvic floor] is my vagina?” I remember when I finally discovered where my pelvic floor actually was, and I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that I was in my thirties and had experienced two pregnancies. I know that I’m not alone in this misunderstanding of the pelvic floor and/or its function. Maybe […]

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New Mom and Social Media Life

I had my first child back in 2009. Social media was basically MySpace at that point and Facebook if you were enrolled in college.  There wasn’t Instagram or the influx of mommy blogs that there are today. I was exhausted and overwhelmed with having my first baby, but I relied on family and friends for […]

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Surviving the Fourth Trimester

From the moment we see those magical two lines on the pregnancy test, our mind goes in so many directions, but we rarely think about the fourth trimester. We think about the health of the baby, surviving nausea or morning sickness, cravings, and discomforts during the first trimester. Then, in the second and third trimesters, […]

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