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Easter Printables

Easter Printable Activities that Foster Memories

I love Easter. There’s just something so wonderful about new beginnings and new seasons (oh and lots of sunshine) that I just simply love about this lovely holiday. But you know what I don’t love about Easter? Candy by the buckets that will never get eaten. Trinkets that break upon opening.  Things that will be […]

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Yes Day

Yes Day:: Rules, Tips, and New Tradition

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Jennifer Garner giving her kids a “Yes Day” each year. Yes Day is a simple concept—you just say yes to every request, no matter how silly it may be! I was curious about how my kids would react to so much freedom in one day, so I decided to give […]

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The Sports Debate:: Break or Push Through?

Some children are naturally athletic. Put a racket in their hand or a ball at their feet and wondrous things happen. Others have the means, the commitment, and the determination to excel in sports. Attending multiple practices a week, games every weekend, and qualifying for select or elite teams is what they strive for and […]

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celebrate your decade

Hitting Milestone Birthdays :: Celebrate Your Decade!

If you’re like me, you stopped eagerly anticipating milestone birthdays after turning 21. Every year after that brings one more reminder that you’re not getting any younger. In fact, once you start hitting the next big milestones (30, 40, 50 and beyond), you may find yourself facing anxiety and dread. As I hit these milestones […]

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