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Stress Relief 101: Tips to Making Life Less Irritating

Christmas Eve 2019. A stressful day that will live in infamy forever in the Hein household. We had finished our first annual family dessert cook-off. Christmas Eve dinner had been devoured. Tim Allen as the Santa Clause joined us for some family snuggles before midnight mass. I was already planning that perfect matching outfit picture […]

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What Your Teens Aren’t Telling You

I’ve taught teens for years, but now that I’m raising one, I feel like I’m in unfamiliar territory. I’m making rookie mistakes, worrying like crazy, and trying too hard. My students and I often get into conversations where I am the advocate for their parents, and they are my child’s voice of reason. It’s a […]

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American Football Day: Interviews with Omaha Area former-NFL Wives

Guess what y’all?! American Football Day is an actual thing… and it’s HERE! American Football Day is annually observed on November 5th. It celebrates one of the United States’ most popular sports: football. American Football Day also marks the midpoint of the National Football League’s season. When we celebrate today, I hope we can look […]

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