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5 Things I’ve Learned About Life by Teaching Online

I’ve been a teacher for 15 years, but this past May, I embarked on a new adventure: online teaching.  I started teaching English online to students in China! My fifteen years of experience have taught me a lot about teaching, but here are five things I’ve learned from teaching online about life. The World Is Big […]

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Caring For Your High Achieving Child

When I was younger and someone mentioned that a child was “gifted” or “high achieving,” I had this vision in my mind of the perfect, angelic student. I had this assumption that the high achiever was a model student in class, had absolutely no discipline issues, was attentive, and rocked all subjects without struggle. Then, […]

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Hybrid Schooling In Omaha

Parenting comes with thousands of decisions. Some of the biggest decisions a parent faces revolve around education. What school district is the best? Which school is most inclusive? What school has the best education/teachers/athletic program/standards/test scores? Private school or public school or homeschool? Do we really agree with what they are teaching? Could we actually […]

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La Leche League

Non Profit Feature :: La Leche League of Omaha

In 1956 in Illinois seven young mothers began the world’s first ever breastfeeding support and educational organization simply by creating friendships and meeting together for the sole purpose of providing information and practical support  to one another. During the 1950s, breastfeeding was spoken about in hushed tones and usually took place only behind closed doors, […]

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Paternal Postnatal Anxiety (Part 1)

My husband, Dijon, has general anxiety disorder. I am accustomed to his need for context and his desire to work through multiple worst-case scenarios. It is because of these reasons I love him and need him. I, the more carefree and overly optimistic partner, appreciate his grounded (at times uptight) responsible nature. We keep one […]

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