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Fur Desk Chair- Facebook Ad

My DIY Frugal Fur Chair

I’m usually up for a good DIY project. Nothing too intense though—no saws and no, you will not see me busting down drywall. But I do enjoy trying out new creative outlets.  I’ve made pottery, painted furniture, and have had so much fun crafting on my Cricut machine. Mostly I DIY for fun and sometimes [...]
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Gallery Wall

Make Your Room Pop With a Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall. I would have one in every room in my house if I could! I think there’s just something about a gallery wall that brings a room together and adds a bit of personality to a space. It’s also an excellent way to fill up large walls or strange room […]

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Fall Activities for Kids

The fall season is fun. Everyone enjoys the cooler weather and changing colors. But it can honestly be chaos as well-getting back into a school routine and trying to squeeze in all the fun fall activities before the inevitable winter. There are many activities you can do to enjoy the fall weather without spending a […]

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Laundry Hacks for This Mother’s Sanity

Laundry. Enter the bane of my existence. It is the chore that I have always dreaded the most. Let’s face it, the satisfaction of a job well done lasts maybe until bedtime (when yet more clothes go in the hamper or dirty clothes bin) and the job is no longer “finished”. I like to accomplish […]

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