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Six Spring-Themed Picture Books

I love children’s books. Those that get brought out at only certain times of year feel even more special, don’t they? I have six spring-themed picture books to share. These have stood the test of time for me and my kids, and they may prove to put a little “spring” in your step, as well. […]

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3 Tips For Creating Your Kids’ Library

I’ve always said you can never have too many books. I find this to be especially true when it comes to kids’ libraries. I collected books for my kids even before I was a mom! I held onto my childhood favorites with the intent to pass them down before I even realized that the memories of [...]
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reluctant reader

The Reluctant Reader (Part 1)

At some point in life, children need to learn how to read. For some, it’s easy. For others, it’s not. Reading is one of those skills that takes a lot of practice. But how do you encourage someone who’s not interested? What do you do if you have a reluctant reader? Lack of Interest My […]

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