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Mother load

The Mental Mother “Load”

I am writing this while on a plane to a work conference.  I have spent the last 24 hours getting my family ready to function relatively steadily in my absence.  It occurred to me while I was packing myself and leaving seemingly endless notes and piles to direct them that the weight of managing the […]

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redefining normal

There is No “Normal”

In a matter of 36 hours, our seemingly normal life with our 6-month-old son was turned completely upside down. Has your life ever changed in the matter of a weekend? I remember getting a call from Grandma Jeannie asking me to come home because “something wasn’t quite right.” I rushed home and my son was […]

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The Sisterhood of Friendship

“You know what the secret is? It’s so simple. We love one another. We’re nice to one another. Do you know how rare that is?” — Ann Brashares, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants     Perhaps you’ve seen the movie or read the book, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (After many summers together, four high […]

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To introduce myself officially I want to tell you a little story about a gal I “know.”  She is a 37-year-old woman who is happy with life.  She has two amazing daughters: Taylor Mae who is 6 and Charlotte who is 4 years old. They’re done with diapers, nearly done with day care (cue the […]

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Secrets: One Mom’s Confession

Dirty little parenting secrets. We all have them. Most of the time we keep them quiet, trying to convince the other moms (and maybe ourselves) that we have this thing under control. We run a tight ship. I’m going to confess some of mine and admit that I do not always have this parenting gig […]

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Photo Credit :: Glamour Shots

Learning to Love My Face…Sans Makeup

Growing up I was taught to never leave the house without a full face of makeup. My mother was passionate about always looking her best, so I learned at an early age that it was unacceptable to show my undone face…pretty much anywhere, except the confines of my own bedroom. This was my normal. Makeup became […]

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flying with kids

5 Rules of Air Travel with Kids

Travel by air is by far one of the biggest stressors of convenience in modern life.  While it is much quicker (usually) to travel by air, it is not without its aggravations and inconveniences.  Add kids into the mix, and it can become a recipe for disaster.  No longer are your kids on their normal […]

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