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Swimsuits After Baby? Yes Please!

The search for a supportive, sexy, and slimming swimsuit is over! After chasing toddlers through splash parks, pools, and lakes last summer it was very evident that my BC (before children) swimsuit was not cutting it. I was constantly tugging on my bottoms while simultaneously keeping one hand on my chest so nothing slipped out, over, or up. As reluctant as I was, I decided to invest time, energy, and money into a new mom-appropriate swim suit for this summer.

The List

Swimsuit shopping is daunting and overwhelming. Before beginning my swimsuit search I decided to create a short list to help guide me in this online search

  1. I wasn’t going to look at the price. In the past year I would often talk myself out of quality items because I just couldn’t fathom spending money on myself.
  2. I wanted support in all the right places (bonus if I could alter or adjust the straps depending on my activity level).
  3. It was also very important for me to look and feel my age. Yes I am now into my 30s and a mother; however, I didn’t want to give up all of my youth and spunk when buying a swimsuit.
  4. Lastly, I was going to rely heavily on reviews and purchase size and style based on those who spent the time to offer feedback. Feedback is something I always have but rarely share for others to utilize. (See my previous post: on writing reviews) I figure if someone had the time to write a review–good or bad–they deserved my attention. 

The Search

I began (and ended) my search at Lands’ End, a recommendation from a trusted friend. After an hour’s search and $179 later I had settled on two suits, with all intention of returning one. When they arrived I waited until the boys were napping and the hubs was out for a run before I tried them on.

The first, the classic slimming one piece, was a bit of a snug fit to shimmy up my thighs, and I began to doubt my choice. Once it was on, I felt like a million bucks! It was the Cadillac of suits. I opted for a burnt red color and was very impressed, it was youthful yet maternal. After reading reviews I was glad I went with the long torso. I am only 5’7 but the long torso and the size up was great advice since it was a slimming fit, and the long torso will keep the bottom in place-for sure.

With such great luck on the first suit, I didn’t have the highest expectations for suit two. Boy was I wrong, it too was awesome!  Suit two was a scoop neck tummy control, long torso-tankini. It has under wire cups and adjustable strong metal straps that allow me to cinch them up for added support. 

I kept them both and am more than excited to run around this summer with the boys feeling fully supported and sexy at the same time.


I crowd sourced my mom friends and among the various department stores and sports stores they gave me a few online recommendations. I thought I’d share those below.

  • Swimsuits for All: I loved the trendy choices and the real-sized models. The diversity in style options was unmatched.
  • Cupshe: A newer trend in the swimsuit world. Amazing prices and so many fabrics, patterns and designs. 
  • Miraclesuit: Talk about slimming! These suits tuck and trim in all the right places. 

From one mom to another: I give you permission to spend money on a good swimsuit. I encourage you to find a suit that makes you feel both sexy and comfortable. Lastly, embrace the tummy control, underwire, or skirts. Think of them as options that enhance your already gorgeous mom bod! 

Where do you shop for your swimsuits?

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3 Responses to Swimsuits After Baby? Yes Please!

  1. Katie Hauge May 8, 2018 at 7:43 am #

    The underwire is an AMAZING thing to have in a suit, helps you avoid the “uni-boob”. I have gotten my most recent suits at Lane Bryant and L-O-V-E them.

    • Tessa May 10, 2018 at 5:45 am #

      Very good to know, Katie! Thank you! We’ve all, unfortunately, suffered the uni-boob problem with suits. 🙂

    • Becka Neary-DeLaPorte May 10, 2018 at 10:56 am #

      Preach! I’m always trying to avoid the uni-boob not only in suits but in sports bras too! I swear by the underwire. Thanks for reading.