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Our Children’s Future

There is no such thing as a perfect human being. I would even wager that for a human, being flawed is a requirement. Admitting that fact is a stepping stone to actively attempting to recognize and eliminate the flaws in ourselves that harm other people. That in itself is another stepping stone towards developing a desire to help other people. These are two very important stones. 

I care about the future that we leave our children, and the future that they will be able to leave theirs. I don’t want our kids to grow up in an environment that promotes apathy towards others. Ideally, I would love for their environment to be one that celebrates diversity and strives for true community. The world I want for the future of humanity is one where what your neighbor needs is more important than what you want to own, and where everyone cares that those needs are met. A world where you aren’t written off for how you look, who you love, or what you believe in. One where everyone attempts to add more beauty to the world than they take away. Where money doesn’t mean half as much as a life and equality is a natural right for all. 

Well, our children’s future has already started. Realistically, they will also know of these flaws in humanity. However, more and more people are beginning to stand up for the value of positivity and self-improvement. People are actively trying to be better, kinder, and more aware of how their actions affect other people. They are standing up in advocacy to do no harm, to treat others how they would want to be treated, and to respect other people’s rights to happiness. 

The more we all strive to be better, the more our children will benefit from it. It’s up to us to keep ourselves honest. It will take acknowledging our flaws instead of making excuses for them. If we use that knowledge to grow in how we perceive and interact with the world, positive change could easily be achieved. The road to kindness might be long for some, but it doesn’t have to be for us all. Big change can happen when it starts from within. We have that power. 

There are a few specific things that will help:

  • Embracing diversity instead of cringing away from it
  • Replacing judgment with empathy
  • Promoting compassion for others
  • Self-awareness 
  • Education


It is up to each one of us to hold ourselves accountable. We have to acknowledge when we mess up and learn from it. When our better natures slip away, we yank them back and ask where they think they’re going. We have to keep ourselves in check if we want other people to do the same. I’m not naive enough to think that all of us will, but maybe if enough of us do, we could pick up the slack and get a bit closer to that ideal future. I will always have hope. I believe it’s just a matter of time.  







2 Responses to Our Children’s Future

  1. Jen August 31, 2017 at 7:45 pm #

    Each generation must commit to this in order to maintain and elevate, as you suggest. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Tessa September 9, 2017 at 7:35 am #

    Yes! Kindness is inherent in children. If fostered, they can be kind adults. I love it, Halie!