Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

O Library! My Library!

Library entranceHow far will our library take us go today?

Maybe we’ll go through the mountains of Dr. Seuss through the lollipop trees!
Or maybe we’ll find an ocean and look for animals underneath the deep seas!
Wait look! A place to play!

But first we have to return every last book.

Thank you Anna Dewdney for sharing all your llama drama,
and thank you Sandra Boynton for letting me know how to love my pajamas.
If it was in my book, I definitely took a look.



Hello Ms. Librarian!

Can you help me find something that I’m looking for?
I would like a different place to explore.
I’m thinking maybe a book about astronauts or even about a barbarian!




And off I go to the unknown!

Mom, will you read this book about trucks to me?
Or how about this book about the numbers 1, 2, and 3?
Cool! I found a book about cyclones!




But there’s more than just books here?

Look little sister, here’s a game for us to play!
I sure wish we could stay here all day.
Can we stay? Please mother dear?

Well, I guess we’ll go.
But having fun isn’t hard,
when you’ve got a library card.
I wonder what infinite wisdom my books will bestow.

So happy National Library Week to everyone!
Go find your local library for more fun!

Special thanks to the Council Bluffs Library for creating such an inviting place for us to enjoy!

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