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My Juggling Act: Mom, Wife, Professional, & Student

One of my greatest accomplishments in my life will forever be joining the inclusive world of motherhood.  We all have our own beliefs, preferences, and passions, but we execute our daily lives and insane schedules out of love and the desire to be the best we can be with our accessible resources.  This post is dedicated to those moms who balance their world as I admire every one of you for setting an example for me, and all that you do to provide the best for your loved ones.

Moms Do Not Be Afraid to Dream!

I wanted to share my journey thus far and a few thoughts along the way.  My journey began almost four years ago when I began contemplating the decision of pursuing an advanced nursing degree. I enjoyed my professional career as a nurse, but knew I wanted to continue to pursue something more… Simultaneously, my husband and I were also planning to expand our little family, however we were uncertain of how long it may take us before we would be expecting our first bundle of joy.  Soon after finding out we were expecting our first child, I was accepted into graduate school.  I was excited and terrified at the impending challenges I faced as a first-time mother and graduate student.

What Now? Where Do I Go From Here?

Fast forward 11 months, and I was walking into graduate school orientation carrying my school bag, purse, and breast pump.  I was an emotional wreck leaving my two-month-old daughter for the first time since she had left the hospital. Full-time has taken on a more significant meaning for me as I have continued pursuing my full-time nursing career.  Returning home from work each night meant making dinner, doing housework, and rocking a sweet baby girl to bed before I could begin my evening studying or writing papers. Sacrifices included missing out on social events, studying and writing on weekends, and normalizing mommy doing homework as a part of my daughter’s daily routine. 

How Do I Cope?

As I reflect on the past 4.5 years, I realize it truly meant taking on one task at a time.  It meant realizing my house was not perfectly cleaned, picking my professional and personal battles, and understanding I am only one person.  My family has been extremely supportive in helping care for my daughter when I had long nights of studying or school work. Graduate school friends are truly angels in disguise who empathize and remind me that I am not alone in this journey! My greatest motivation has been watching my daughter grow and teaching her hard work does pay off.  

My Challenges and Rewards?

The greatest challenges I am reminded of today is the true meaning of not enough hours in a day. I struggle as I know there are sacrifices I am making to continue pursuing my advanced degree and future career.  Am I smart enough and capable to do this?  Am I still a good wife and mother? This journey would not be possible without my supportive family and friends who keep me motivated, have opened their arms to wipe away numerous tears, and continue to remind me giving up is not an option.  I am happy to write this post and announce I am nine months away from completing my doctorate of nursing degree specializing in family practice.  I intend to leave you with the motivation, impossible things are possible, and I am just one mom out of many more who continue to pursue my dreams.  Thank you for your time and continued support as I continue this journey one day at a time!  

One Response to My Juggling Act: Mom, Wife, Professional, & Student

  1. Tessa August 26, 2017 at 11:28 am #

    I feel this post so much! I tell myself that I am showing my children that they can have a family and a career that they love if that is what they desire. The sacrifices are hard, but I believe they can be worth it. I loved your post, Angie!