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Grace in the Dog Days of Summer

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss United States…

Dear Mama,
Welcome to the dog days of summer! You’re probably running ragged after all those trips to the park, ice cream shops, camps, friends’ houses, etc. You probably just want to binge watch that show your friend told you about last year with your drink of choice in your hand. But you know what?

You’re just as graceful as you have ever been.

grace mom of toddler

PC :: Jessica To’oto’o on Unsplash

Maybe you’re that mama rocking the t-shirt covered in newborn baby spit-up longing to be poolside or that mama with toddlers who have gleefully given you a hug after finishing their sticky popsicle. You may even be that mama wiping away the tears from your face as you watch your child go away to their first sleep away camp. Or maybe you’re that anxious mama watching your grown up child plan and scheme their first year of college starting in the fall…

In either case, you are graceful. You’re letting yourself feel all of these grand emotions that come with the fleeting joy of summer. You fight to enjoy every second and yet…there’s somewhere you have to be or you’re waiting for something to happen.

Because the end of summer is bittersweet.

grace mom of school age child

PC :: guille pozzi on Unsplash

It’s so stressful and fun all at once. Who knew planning fun would take so much energy and time? You make that magic of summer happen for your little ones (whether or not they stay little is a different matter entirely). That is graceful. You are elegant in the way that you love your children because there is no question that you love fiercely. Every summer second counts even when daylight shines brighter for much longer. The days are so long you remind yourself, but the years are so short.

Don’t forget : you need grace too.

Give yourself a break. You may not be squeezing into that bathing suit you were hoping you’d be in yet. Or maybe your kids got that dreaded summer bug that you were trying to avoid. In every second, you are graceful. You may simply spend the day watching summer blockbusters inside. And that swimsuit you wanted to wear? There was a better deal and a cuter one at Target. Your children need you to give yourself grace. Because there’s nothing better than that magical sound your kids hear of you laughing with the brightness of the summer sun.

You, Mama, are the definition of grace.

grace mom of teen

PC :: Emma Goldsmith on Unsplash

I want you to take a second and look up grace in a dictionary. I’m sure you don’t think you’re poised or elegant in the traditional sense, but you are. In every stage, you look at your child with the same look: unconditional love. You are clothed with the honor of motherhood. Some days you may be disheveled in terms of hair or even those yoga pants you haven’t washed in a week, but you will never lose your gracefulness. So don’t forget— you’re beauty and you’re grace, you are your child’s mama.

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