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and the Moms Who Live Here

Who Needs Privacy Anyway?


Privacy, privacy. . .

Who needs it? Not me!
That’s because I’m a mom of three.
But the number doesn’t matter,
it’s being a mom that makes this true.
Somehow everyone else,
(including dads), are immune.


My time in the bathroom,
is no longer mine.
But I tell myself

“Don’t worry, it’s fine”

They’re here to stay and that’s okay.

Who needs privacy anyway?

It makes no difference if I’m taking a shower
Or trying to relax in the tub.
My husband is home, and no matter the hour
It’s mama they want for fun.

They’re yelling my name.
They’re pounding on the door.
They can’t hear “No thank yous” or “No ways”

and they’re too loud to ignore.

But who needs privacy anyway?

I’m trying to pump,
when little eyes start to see
the milk that’s coming out of me.
I can see their faces,
with a million questions,
There’s no way they’ll walk away,

But I don’t need privacy so it’s okay.

I’m changing in the morning, when my kids come upstairs to play.
No they don’t want their playroom,
Near me they want to stay.
It doesn’t matter if I’m naked,
they don’t give a hoot!
I could try to bribe them to go somewhere else,

but somehow Mom’s got all the loot.

These little people take what’s left on my plate,
then they want a little dessert.
I tried to be sneaky, but it just didn’t work.

Who needs privacy anyway?

Privacy, I remember what that used to be.
But at this point in life, who needs it? Not me.

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