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Dear Teacher : A Letter from a Thankful Mom

Here we are on the first day of another school year and there are so many things that I want you to know.

I want my child’s teacher to know that I admire what you do. I know that I couldn’t do it. It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to teaching young people.  I can hardly get my own kids to read instead of playing. Yet you help an entire room full of kids to learn and grow every day. I am in awe of you.

When I’m able to, I am more than willing to bring supplies in for your classroom. You’re teaching my child how to read and write and do math, I don’t mind bringing glue sticks and pencils if it helps get the job done. I’ll also bring gift cards sometimes. If coffee is your thing, I’ll load you up on Starbucks cards. I wouldn’t want to face a classroom of small children without caffeine! 

Let’s be real. I’m probably going to stalk you on social media.  I’m not looking for dirt and I promise that I won’t send any friend requests, but I’m definitely curious. I know it’s creepy, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only parent that’s ever done it.

You see, I’m dropping off a piece of my heart today. 

This piece of my heart is kind and funny and will work hard.  He can also be a little silly sometimes and he’ll probably smell funny after recess, but he’s mine.

I’m sorry in advance for the times that I might seem defensive. When you point out things he needs to work on or areas where he might be struggling. Logically, I know that he’s not perfect but he sure seems perfect to me. And I’m still new to this whole school mom thing, so it’s hard not to take things personally sometimes. I know that you’re not trying to criticize, and you’re trying to help. But my logical brain and my emotional mommy brain don’t always communicate with each other.

I’ll probably linger a little longer than you’d prefer when I drop him off today and I’ll probably take a few too many pictures, but it’s still odd for me to see my little baby sitting in a desk and hanging his back pack up in a locker. It was just yesterday that I was changing his diapers and now he’s in elementary school.

So, teacher, thank you for all of the time and love that you are pouring into my son this year. Thank you for the things you’re going to teach him. Thank you for the patience that my kiddo (and I) will require at times. I know that you’re making a difference and I hope that you know it, too.

Thank you,

A mommy with more than a few tears in her eyes this morning.

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