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My Cup Does NOT Runneth Over

Oh em gee—there is it.  Act natural! This happens to everyone and it’s NOT a big deal.  Act natural. Quick! Put it in the basket.  Act natural. Oh I’ll cover it up with my other Target finds. Alright let’s do this!

Diva discovery

About two years ago I heard about a Diva Cup, and my mind was blown. A tiny little silicone shot glass sits all up in there snug catching all of my period blood? This has to be the most disgusting thing I had ever heard. I was immediately intrigued but in a “What the what!?” kind of way. Then, as I read more reviews about menstrual cups, I realized that maybe the way I’d been dealing with the flow each month was worse—seriously pads were the worst and I got rid of those suckers as soon as possible when I first started my period. 

So then for the next 15 years or so I was using a tampon. I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I NEVER had luck with tampons—I always leaked no matter the size, frequency of changing, etc. I also just in general never felt great; I felt gross and like I couldn’t shower enough to feel clean. So I trucked off to the store, bit the bullet, and bought the most life-changing female toiletry I can think of! It was not love at first sight—I was currently on my period when I bought the menstrual cup I was ready to try it out the second I got home. 

These instructions don’t seem too complicated. Okay, so you just squeeze it together and push it in? In! Hmm… I thought the directions said I wouldn’t be able to feel it in there? I’ll just take it out and readjust it. It’s got to be simple enough.

OMG how far UP there did it go?! I’m really getting up in my own business right now…holy smokes this better get easier.


[3 hours later—aka 30 seconds later]

I’ve been trying to get this thing out for EVER and I can’t do it—It will never come out. It’s going to be stuck forever.  This is going to be the most awkward conversation with my husband! I’m going to have to go see a doctor immediately!

OMG I finally got it out—thank goodness for that birthing class last year to help me squat that thing out! Didn’t help in the delivery room but apparently some of those skills are transferable.

I quit.  I’ll just go back to tampons. Okay no—this thing has got to work! I read blogs about it!


I did not quit; I tried it again making sure to read the directions more carefully. That night I wore it without any issues. The next day was a success wearing it with no leaks.  I’ve been using it for several months and–not that I’m looking forward to my period each month–I certainly am not dreading it as much as I did when I was wearing tampons. 

The bathroom is much easier without navigating a string hanging from beyond, I can swim, run, and other activities without fear of what’s going on with the sponge between my legs. My lady bits no longer feel “off” from having a foreign object absorbing everything down there. Finally, my wallet is thrilled because I’m not running off to Target because I ran out of tampons again. Other women praise the cup for eliminating or reducing cramps; I now praise the Diva Cup to all of my friends.

Here are a couple of things to remember

  1. You HAVE to be comfortable with yourself. You’re going to be getting all up in there. 
  2. You HAVE to get over being queasy. You’re literally going to be dumping out a shot glass of blood.
  3. It may take a few times of inserting it to get it right. I haven’t had any leaks but until you’re comfortable wear a liner to protect those undies. 
  4. There are actually many types of menstrual cups with all different shapes and sizes because we’re women who also come in different shapes and sizes (who knew?!)! Take this quiz to find out what the best menstrual cup is for your body, shape, activity level, etc.

Take the leap!  Go out and buy a menstrual cup. I wish I had found out about this sooner. I’ll definitely be sharing this information with my daughters when they become old enough.

For those who have already taken the plunge into the cup-world, what has been your favorite thing?

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