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Why We Choose Commitment as the Way to Win…

It is certainly the time of year when everyone has returned to school, and extracurricular activities have begun, or are in the process of kicking into gear. The decision to have your child participate in an extra-curricular activity may not be an easy one. I have quickly realized, extra-curricular activities in Omaha brings a whole new meaning to the concept. Growing up in a small town, choosing to participate seemed rather straight forward. However, the options in a larger town certainly has its own advantages and challenges.

From the parenting perspective, the opportunities for extra-curricular activities in Omaha are almost overwhelming! How do you pick? Which organization is the most beneficial? How much money should you spend? And as you know… everyone has an opinion about everything! After reviewing many different options, we have granted our daughter the opportunity to begin to take part in extracurricular activities. Our expectation for our daughter is not to be the best or to win every game, but to commit herself for however long the season may be.

Why Commitment?

I want to allow my daughter the opportunity to learn what activities she may or may not like. I also want her to learn the importance of dedication and being a reliable team player. Showing up and making effort are important qualities to learn at an early age, as they are critical qualities for every human being. She has learned through dance and playing sports that your teammates do rely on you. I certainly see the struggle for coaches and players when the team is missing players.

Although she is not quite at a competitive age, she has begun to realize practice is not always fun and games. She struggles when she has to learn something new or challenging. We remind her often, it takes time and practice to get better, and some days it takes more effort than others to encourage her to participate. However, the reward is seeing her eyes light up once she is able to master a new skill. She is also learning the importance of discipline, hard work, and last but not least, commitment.

It’s More Than Just A Sport…Dance Activity

Are there weeks she says she’s too tired, she does not want to go, or she does not want to play? Absolutely! Beyond the occasional illnesses or personal family events, the expectation is she does attend every lesson, practice, and/or game. We have set this expectation and will continue to do so for every activity she has chosen to take part in. Although I do realize she does not quite understand the financial and time investment, it is an important part of life I do hope she begins to learn.

Whether my future is soccer, dance, or speech team mom, it is my intention to continue to support and teach my daughter the importance of committing to what you choose to do. After all, our end goal is to raise a hardworking, kind, and respectable human being.

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