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Blackstone : A Community Guide for Families

Omaha Moms Blog is proud to present this community guide with Lynette Arrasmith from Churchill Mortgage and Shannon Salem from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate!

The Blackstone District in one word: cool. The recently renovated area near 36th & Farnam Sts has a rich history in Omaha. The original Blackstone Hotel, built in the area in the early 1900s (now converted into offices) was the home of the rueben sandwich! Now, Blackstone is known for blocks and blocks of bars and restaurants. 

Why Moms Love It

Is “where should we go for dinner” a common question at your house? How about trying out one of the many unique restaurants inside the Blackstone district?! 

Local Family Favorites

This area is PERFECT for a date night or for impressing out-of-town visitors. A few favorites:

Scriptown:: This is one of two local breweries in Blackstone (Farnam House is the other). They exclusively serve drinks but you can order in food from the nearby restaurants. The bartenders are attentive and the place has a vibe to it that makes you feel immediately at ease. 

Archetype Coffee:: Food & Wine actually named this coffee shop last year “Nebraska’s most impressive roaster.” Do yourself a favor and suggest this stop for your next business meeting or long-lost friend meet up. 

Red Lion Lounge: This is in an eclectic space and serves incredible cocktails. The Happy Hour is something to put on your bucket list (adults only!) 

Noli’s Pizza:: New York style slices with the freshest of fresh ingredients.  

Stirnella:: You won’t find a menu quite like this one anywhere else. They say the perfect description of themselves on their website: “approachable food inspired by local and seasonal ingredients.” That, plus their drinks are out of this world. 

Many of these restaurants are also family-friendly. In particular, kids will love:

Bob’s Donuts :: Drool-worthy flavors of all kinds to choose from, all in a cute shop with excellent customer service. 

Early Bird:: Brunch. All. day. Every. Day. Need we say more?! If we were going to say more, it’d be to rave about the multiple different types of bacon they serve! 

Coneflower Creamery:: Local, Midwestern ingredients fill this ice cream shop’s menu. And there’s dairy-free options (attention: mspi mamas!)  

Of course, this isn’t all the Blackstone District has to offer, either.

You can follow the neighborhood’s Facebook page for all the latest events and updates on shops. 

Parking can sometimes be a bit challenging but here’s a map that can help. And the fact that things are all within walking distance is a huge plus for all! 

Another plus is its proximity to Midtown Crossing and Downtown Omaha to continue the fun. 

This area is still in development, with new apartment buildings and renovated homes for sale all the time.
Check it out! 

Presented by Lynette Arrasmith and Shannon Salem

Lynette Arrasmith

Lynette Arrasmith 

Hi! My name is Lynette Arrasmith. I am a Home Loan Specialist with Churchill Mortgage—maybe you’ve heard about us on the Dave Ramsey Show! Why would a Home Loan Specialist be on a moms blog? Well, I’m a mom who was born and raised in the Omaha area too! Navigating through the home loan process can be time-consuming and stressful. I am here as a resource for you! What I hear from my clients is that they like my consultative style and the use of a tool that I use to create a Strategic Cost Analysis for you. My motto is to serve vs sell and always leave people better for the encounter. NMLS 400322

Churchill Mortgage

(402) 999-3362

Shannon Salem

Shannon Salem

Hi there! My name is Shannon Salem. I am a local realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate here in the Omaha metro and an Omaha native! I really enjoy sharing my love of this city with anyone who will listen. Helping other families move towards their dream is the whole reason I do what I do. I’ve helped hundreds of families just like yours. My husband, Jeff, and I work side by side in our business while navigating through life with our 4 children. Besides real estate, my other passion is yoga and you can find me teaching a few weekly classes around town.

(402) 990-0179

This post is part of a 6 part series about why Omaha and the communities around it are a great place to raise a family. Check out the other communities featured in our  A Guide to Omaha Communities and learn more about our series sponsors Lynette Arrasmith and Shannon Salem.

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