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Vegetarian Ventures: Celebrating 10 Years

This fall marks my 10 year anniversary being a vegetarian.  My husband and I decided to change our lifestyle and become vegetarian while in graduate school.  When we moved to Omaha we were really excited to have more grocery options, restaurants, and food trucks to try. It wasn’t long before I met a colleague who was vegan and she shared with me a long list of places that were vegetarian friendly. Now, two years later we have completed the original list and have added a few suggestions of our own.


Crowd Pleasers

Want a good vegetarian burger but also a great place to take your carnivore friends? Our go-to spots are Red Robin*, DJ’s Dugout* or Stella’s Bar and Grill.*

Fast food and quick stops are always a dicey area for vegetarians. Most often vegetarians are safe stopping at a sub shop or fast casual Mexican restaurant.  When those are not an option or when your toddlers are persistent about chicken nuggets and hot dogs, I would recommend the veggie burgers at Culvers*, Burger King*, Freddy’s* or the veggie dawg at Chicago Dog*.  All great options for a quick bite to eat on the go.

We also like to take family and friends that visit Omaha to Blatt Beer & Table* and Benson Brewery. Gives them a taste of local food while also offering a decent selection of vegetarian options for us.

Date Night

Very rare, but occasionally my husband and I go on dates. Unrestricted by the need to have a kids menu and high chairs, here are our adult picks for a night out.

Breakfast Club

Fast and Casual


I work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln which means I also have a few suggestions for vegetarian eats in Lincoln, mostly great lunch options.

We’ve had such good luck with the suggestions we have started to create our third iteration of the list. Here are a few that have made the new updated list.


Fellow vegetarians, I’d love to hear about your favorites. Which restaurants did I miss?

*Indicates they have a kid friendly menu and offer an atmosphere supportive of family dining, from my experience with young children.

Note-I intentionally left off Italian and Mexican restaurants from the list because those places typically are filled with vegetarian friendly options.

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One Response to Vegetarian Ventures: Celebrating 10 Years

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    Tessa October 2, 2017 at 5:54 am #

    I love this list. It’s so great that Omaha restaurants have more and more transparent menus. It’s nice to know what’s in your food! Thanks, Rebekah!