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National Girlfriends’ Day … Grab Your Girls and Celebrate!

Girlfriends, this one’s for you!

I confess. Good girlfriends are a commodity that–while I value them so very much–don’t get the accolades they deserve nearly often enough. As someone who moves around frequently, I’ve collected quite the assortment of fantastic girlfriends. They are always “ugly cry in the front yard as we drive away hard to tell good-bye”, but they are worth every single tear.

There are things only she can do

Only a girlfriend can brighten the day by bringing flowers and a cake when your husband is deployed on your birthday. You can count on her to take the kids at a moment’s notice – and keep them fed and entertained for the entire day – when you need to follow your husband’s ambulance to the emergency room. She’ll show up with wood for the fire pit, a bottle of wine, and goodies from her chocolate stash when you have a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” She can wash and bandage a screaming kiddo’s injury for you when you’re about to pass out from seeing the blood. If you’re extra lucky, you’ll have another gal pal standing behind you to break the fall, just in case.

She’ll bring you Starbucks and a smile when strangers are boxing up all your earthly belongings, and you’re about to crack from the anxiety of wondering if everything will make it to the new place in one piece. Only a girlfriend can convince you to run a half marathon with no training, sing and dance alongside you throughout, and encourage your butt across that finish line! If she’s the BEST, she’ll share a greasy burger with you afterward, too. 

We all have our share of anecdotes and times that a girlfriend stepped in to “save the day.” We would have survived somehow even if she didn’t, but aren’t you glad she did?

Let’s CELEBRATE National Girlfriends’ Day this year!

Pull up that group text with your closest friends. Pick your favorite spot, and treat one another to dinner and drinks. Hit the theater and see the latest chick flick, or plan a “Girls’ Night In” and replay your favorite oldie. If your girlfriends aren’t local, find cheap airfare and organize a ladycation! At the very least, send her a quick card or text message to let her know you’re thinking of her today, that you value her friendship, and that you really, truly couldn’t live without her.



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