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Little Women Film Review: Women that aren’t poets, but much more.

I am no poet. I am a woman.

This line fully captures the essence of Little Women. If you want the too long didn’t read version of this review, my thought is this: go see it! It’s an absolute marvel of a film—but I’ll gladly give my thoughts. If you haven’t seen it, don’t be a Rachel. You’ll ruin the movie for anyone who hasn’t read Little Women or viewed the previous movie. We’d end up with a host of Joey Tribbianis!

Little WomenIt’s appropriate that I review this through the lens of each individual character being careful not divulge any spoilers (again, not a Rachel here)!

Meg: The Actresses from Little Women

Like Meg performed her roles to the best of her ability, so, too, did the ladies from Little Women. Can we talk about the incredible cast from the get-go? This gifted group of women take their craft and completely wow us with their storytelling skills. We laughed when they laughed, cried when they cried, and loved when they loved. They created a world that we could peek into that felt incredibly intimate and heartfelt. If you love each actress from previous movies, I highly recommend stop reading here and go buy a ticket.

Beth: The Music from Little Women

Quiet and demure like Beth’s character, the music unites the whole film together. Lively and beautifully orchestrated, the music delivers out the emotion in many of the scenes. In the moments where there is no dialogue, the music tells a narrative on its own! If you love cinematic scores, you’ll want this playing throughout your house to make the mundane more pleasant.

Amy: The Artistry of Little Women

If you took out the dialogue and music, you’d be left with a breathtaking visual experience. Each scene appears as if painted by Amy March herself! From the coziness of their home to scenes on the beach, every frame was artistically rendered as if they were painting in an art gallery. 

Jo: The Dialogue of Little Women

Jo March had a way with words—and this movie showcases it. There was no absence of masterful wordplay starting from the banter between the sisters to deep discussions. This film is entirely quotable, and will have you wondering what words like obsequious mean (thanks for that one, Jo)!

“Can’t believe childhood is over.”

You’ll wonder when you’ll see it again next. It’s meant for you to take your girlfriends, daughters, moms, and even your spouses! This mom gives it a 5 out of 5. I’m asking when the next time will be when I can relive childhood all over again.

Little Women

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