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Hispanic Heritage Month: Sharing Mi Familia

¡Señoras y Señores, buenas tardes, buenas noches!

I’m bursting with excitement to share this upcoming month of Hispanic Heritage Month! I am of Mexican-Guatemalan descent and a first generation American. I love being able to share glimpses into mi familia, so it’s obvious this month fills me with joy. Here is the history and a few ideas on how to celebrate this cherished month.

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

In short, Hispanic Heritage Month is a month dedicated to celebrating the culture, history, and traditions of various Latino countries. They all mostly share a language, but they’re all so beautiful and different! It lasts for 30 days between September 15 and October 15. You can read more here if you’re interested in the history of Hispanic Heritage Month. I think of it as a time leading up to Día de Los Muertos telling stories, practicing traditions, and remembering family. 

Mi Familia

There is something so beautiful about the creation of families. I couldn’t wait to share all the customs, stories, and food with my little ones! I find that this month is especially important because my husband comes from a different background, so it’s amazing to see what kind of new traditions our family can create. Hispanic people treasure the stories that our ancestors have woven, and I can certainly tell you how much it means to me. It brings me, as one of the songs from Coco says, alegría!

Hispanic Heritage

Photo by Filip Gielda on Unsplash

Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate

You don’t have to be Hispanic to celebrate and appreciate Hispanic culture. If you haven’t already, watch Coco! This movie depicts the rich storytelling tradition in Mexican culture as well as its importance on family. Along with that thought, I encourage you to learn one of the songs with your children!

If that’s not up your alley, but you’re feeling adventurous, we are so privileged in Omaha to have a wonderful area on 24th Street that has various restaurants from different countries. Don’t stick to the usual taco, but go for a pupusa, flauta, tamales, or even a sweet treat like tres leches cake. My kids usually like getting the fun candy from Latino markets too. Don’t ever be afraid to walk in and just ask questions! Last, but not least, consider scheduling a time to go to the Latino Museum in town. The artwork is gorgeous and may even inspire your own creations. 

Mi Familia

My daughter in a traditional handmade Mexican dress

The World es mi Familia 

If there’s anything you can take from this it’s that Latinos love their families fiercely. We want to share our joy of familia! If you are of Hispanic heritage, I hope that you get to enjoy the uniqueness of your family’s stories. If you aren’t, I hope this becomes a time where you can appreciate Latino culture! But no matter where you’re from, I hope you find and treasure your own beautiful traditions in your familia.

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