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Sprucing Up – Fall 2017 Trends in Home Decor

Not sure where to start now that you’ve decided to spruce up your home décor for fall? You’ve come to the right place! Here you will find a few of the latest on trend ideas for Autumn 2017.


First let’s talk color palette. This autumn you will see all your favorite colors of fall, but with a twist: the muted color palette. So, think deep merlot, dusky peacock blue, blush, soft grays, grenadine and butter rum. These are colors that evoke a gentle warmth – a calm relinquishing  and acceptance of the change of season, not the blazing contrasts typically associated with pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

Kitchen and Living Areas

Let’s talk about the most popular room in the house. The kitchen. The farmhouse look is still popular, never fear.  However, instead of just a white monochromatic kitchen, add a bold, rich color in order to liven up the space. A muted navy blue, to accent your island, is a terrific choice. Think of the color of the evening sky as the sun just begins to nestle into the horizon. Yes, dear reader, that blue.

Speaking of blue, a fabulous way to add new life in a simple way is to switch out pillows or blankets on your couch or bed. This season, blue and an orange-y maple are the go-to choices. These are not the bold contrast colors you would normally think of on your elementary school color wheel. These are the subtler tones mixed with cream or white in a plaid pattern. Another popular color is soft gray especially if the material is bulky like a chunky weave blanket.

Not into the chunky weave? Quilts (especially solid colored ones) are making a come back big time. Were they ever really out, though? Not for this gal! Quilts offer a handmade, cozy feel to a bedroom. It’s a down home, country option without the geese and bonnet laden Dutch girls. Know what I mean?


Still on trend are your accent metallics of gold, silver and copper. So keep the metal picture frames, cabinet knobs and candle holders, but opt for a burnished finish for a softer glow. Incorporate the metals with colors like earthy merlot or a golden lime to add depth and warmth.

A trend that I am happy to see stick around this autumn is the white pumpkin. For sure, purchase those gigantic orange pumpkins to carve and set out on the patio for the neighbors to appreciate your children’s handiwork. But for inside, toss a white pumpkin or two into your holiday centerpiece for a bit of relaxed sophistication. Want to go for a more formal look? Hot glue ribbon of your choice up the sides and cover with a little greenery and silver accents. Or, cut off the stem and tack in place a gigantic silk magnolia to the top of the pumpkin. Not really into pumpkins? No problem. You can find other fun, decorative ideas on Pinterest by clicking here.

Don’t forget the burlap! It’s still popular to wrap around mason jars or to grace the middle of your table as a runner. Why not consider making a garland out of burlap leaves and either a printed page or colored card stock leaves (Layer the printed leaf on top of the burlap leaf. Then attach them to twine using mini clothes pins. Easy peasy and adorable). Drape along open cabinets or shelving and viola!

If burlap is not your style, up the stakes and consider velvet as an accent. We aren’t talking leisure suit velvet. No, I mean, small touches of velvet here and there. Who can resist the feel of a velvet pillow or blanket? How about renewing a lampshade or your trusty boxwood wreath with your favorite color of velvet ribbon? It’s a small investment for a guaranteed impact. Or perhaps you are ready to be bold and it’s time to splurge on a velvet upholstered chair? Talk about cozy! Book, brownie and brimming cup of coffee, please!

Hope I’ve given you an idea or two to spark your imagination and enthusiasm for sprucing up your home décor. Share in the comments your ideas for fall!

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