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Omaha Moms Blog: Introducing Mindy


I am a transplant to Omaha. We moved here in the Summer of 2016 for my husband’s job. We were previously living in eastern Washington, where my husband was going to school to get a PhD. We loved the small town that we lived in while we were in Washington, and we felt that we could get that same feeling (plus the amenities of a larger city) among the corn fields here in Omaha. I love that everything in Omaha is only 20 minutes away from my front door. In Washington, a small event had to take up an afternoon and days had to be planned around activities. In Omaha, if I see a fun activity pop up on my Facebook feed or I get a random idea for an activity I want to do, I can almost always get there in under 20 minutes. I love the variety of things there are for us to do in Omaha, all less than 20 minutes from my driveway. The variety of activities make Omaha a great place to be a mom. You can always find something to do when your kids are “bored”.


I am mom to Lily, Charles, and Victoria. Lily is a fierce protector of those she feels have been treated unfairly, loves to point out when I make a mistake, and has the kindest heart. She remembers things that caused her to feel sad or uncomfortable for weeks after they happen, often reminding me of them and asking clarifying questions. Charlie loves to make people smile. His entire goal in life is to make mom happy, he regularly asks me, “Happy, Mom?”. He spends most of his days trying to be funny and get me to laugh at him. Victoria is the happiest baby in the entire world. She is the perfect end-cap to our family. She is constantly smiling and bringing peace to my busy life. Having three kids under 5, I need her constant smiles as I try to balance life. I love watching my children’s unique personalities emerge each day, but being a mom doesn’t come naturally to me. I read a lot of parenting books and blogs as I try to figure out how to be a better mother.



I am so excited to start writing for the Omaha Moms Blog! Since becoming a mother, I have never lived close to family. I don’t normally get breaks from parenting. If it weren’t for blogs like OMB, I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do when my oldest was born. It was through reading the advice written by other mothers that I came to accept myself as a mom and to figure out what I needed to do to connect with my children. Even after three kids, I still read blogs daily as I struggle to learn how to be a better mom. I am excited to start contributing my thoughts and experiences, so that other moms can connect to my writing and realize that if I can do it, so can they.


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