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Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Jessica


I have spent the majority of my thirty-some years living in and around the Omaha area – Millard, Papillion, Blair and now Bennington! My family and I live on some property on the outskirts of town and have been here for just over a year. Growing up in Omaha was never ‘glamorous’ to me. Most of my extended family lived in places I coveted (like Phoenix). Heat year-round, so much to do, fun events (concerts especially), and of course they were much more fashion forward than the good ‘ol Midwest. I always pictured myself living somewhere other than here. Until I met my husband, a man who would never leave this fly-over state, mainly because it was a good place to raise kids. I am excited, though, to witness the incredible growth and opportunities that have come to Omaha. Over the course of my marriage, I have come around to my husband’s way of thinking. No longer are we flat and boring, but busting at the seams with entertainment, food and culture. Omaha has so much to offer anyone, especially kids and moms. Whether you are looking for family-centered events, or just a night out with the girls, the opportunities are endless. I feel so blessed to live in a community that has so much to offer families of all shapes and sizes!



Ok, let’s be honest, I could go on about my kids for days, but I will try to keep it short! I have four kids who keep me on my toes every minute of every day. Josie (2009) is my oldest, and my biggest helper. She aspires to be a teacher one day and enjoys playing teacher to her class of siblings. When she is not playing teacher, she loves dancing. Next in line is Liam (2011). The only boy of the bunch (who begs me for a brother, almost daily). He is my tender-hearted child. Liam loves to play soccer, basketball, and baseball. Then comes Lilly (2014). She is the most time consuming project I have ever taken on. At the ripe age of three-and-a-half, she is the sole reason for any gray hairs you see on my head! She is so silly and loves to make people laugh. To know her is to love her, but her antics and curiosity are never ending. (Disclaimer: must be kept an eye on at ALL TIMES). Last is Maggie (2016), my cuddly little baby. She is 18 months, going on whatever age she must be to keep up with her big sisters.

I love being a mom because these four little lives depend on me. I get to be the one who gets to teach them, help them grow and enjoy all the bumps along the way. Like all moms with young kids, I have my good days and bad. I struggle with balance, making enough time for each kid, for my husband, and for myself. Factor in cooking, housework and errands… and I’m thinking this mom gig would be a lot easier if I didn’t require any sleep! Even though life can seem hectic at times (okay, most of the time), I know that these are the days that I will someday look back on and miss.


I am so excited to join the Omaha Moms Blog (OMB) team as a contributor! I have always enjoyed writing, and was encouraged by a friend, who writes for a sister site (shout out to Mid-Michigan), to step outside of my comfort zone and apply to be a contributor for OMB. Being a contributor for OMB offers me a platform to write about my family, my kids, and my life experiences as a mom – which is most of what my life consists of these days! I am looking forward to gaining new friendships and learning more about this great city in which we live through this new journey! I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures as a stay-at-home mom of four living in rural suburbia, with a work-a-holic husband and a never ending to-do list!

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