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Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Jenny

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Hi! It is so nice to “meet” you. My family and I have lived in Omaha a combined total of 15 years.  Omaha is a great place to call home. I grew up in Millard and moved to Lincoln to study education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  My family found its way back here when my husband started his career.  I recently moved to Elkhorn and can feel myself relax when I reach the serenity of being on the edge of the city.  But I’m not partial, I have found goodness in every part of the city where I have laid down roots.


My husband works in finance and we have two precious girls: a 6 and 4 year old. There is a lot of estrogen in our household. So much so, that we joke someday we will need to get a male pet to balance the scales a bit!

While I have always been a “mom” to my friends and to the college students I influence in my work leading a Christian ministry, my role as mom has not come easily to me. In fact, it challenges the most core things to who I am: how I spend my time, what I rely on to recharge my batteries, my feelings of being in control, my confidence in my value apart from the results, and reveals that I am more selfish than I thought. Because of this journey, I am a more relaxed, more connected, less selfish and more generous woman. My growth as a person has been fast-tracked by taking care of these little lives.


I’m looking forward to sharing my voice with this community. I decided to write with the Omaha Moms Blog because I truly think we have more that binds us together as humans than we do that separates us.  In sharing honestly about the joys and struggles of life with little ones, it is my desire to stand in solidarity with our experiences.  A few antidotes about my story is that I had high risk pregnancies, a little one born prematurely, I work part-time, and am currently transitioning my kids to school. So, you can count on me for messy, honest emotions and to mix it up with the fiercely practical (stuff has to get done after all).  If you ever meet me in town please say hi.  I love to meet new people!

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