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The Sports Debate:: Break or Push Through?

Some children are naturally athletic. Put a racket in their hand or a ball at their feet and wondrous things happen. Others have the means, the commitment, and the determination to excel in sports. Attending multiple practices a week, games every weekend, and qualifying for select or elite teams is what they strive for and […]

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Scaling Back on After School Activities

As a mom, I want to offer my kids opportunities and experiences I never had. When I was a mother of one, I thought by opening my daughter up to all different types of activities, programs, camps, etc., she would become well rounded — fearless, knowledgeable, and prepped to take on the world one day. […]

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I Pinky-Promise I Will Be a Good Sport

I have been a mom of kids in sports for ten years now, and I love it. My boys feel as comfortable on the field as they do in the classroom, and for that I am lucky. In this last decade, I have camped out on my fair share of bleachers, participated in many parent […]

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