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Husker Game Day: Hacks and Hints

When I moved to Nebraska three years ago and began working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it was evident that this state loves football. In fact, more specifically they love Husker football. According to Husker Athletics, “Memorial Stadium has been sold out for home football games since 1962 and becomes the third largest city in Nebraska […]

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Scaling Back on After School Activities

As a mom, I want to offer my kids opportunities and experiences I never had. When I was a mother of one, I thought by opening my daughter up to all different types of activities, programs, camps, etc., she would become well rounded — fearless, knowledgeable, and prepped to take on the world one day. […]

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I Pinky-Promise I Will Be a Good Sport

I have been a mom of kids in sports for ten years now, and I love it. My boys feel as comfortable on the field as they do in the classroom, and for that I am lucky. In this last decade, I have camped out on my fair share of bleachers, participated in many parent […]

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