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The Sports Debate:: Break or Push Through?

Some children are naturally athletic. Put a racket in their hand or a ball at their feet and wondrous things happen. Others have the means, the commitment, and the determination to excel in sports. Attending multiple practices a week, games every weekend, and qualifying for select or elite teams is what they strive for and […]

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Hybrid Schooling In Omaha

Parenting comes with thousands of decisions. Some of the biggest decisions a parent faces revolve around education. What school district is the best? Which school is most inclusive? What school has the best education/teachers/athletic program/standards/test scores? Private school or public school or homeschool? Do we really agree with what they are teaching? Could we actually […]

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National S.T.E.M. Day

While growing up, I was surrounded by STEM influences. My mother was a middle school math teacher, my father a lawyer by day and an aspiring paleontologist by weekend encouraged me and my younger brothers to be master builders, amateur wild life experts, and multiplication table junkies. My brothers’ love for all things engineering and […]

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School Days Are Here Again

It’s hard to believe that the end of summer is almost here, but as they say–time flies when you’re having fun. We jam-packed our summer with baseball games, pool parties, and trips to the zoo. Before we know it, it’ll be time to head back to school! The end of summer/beginning of the school year […]

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