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The Priceless Lesson a Preschool Mom Learned

With back-to-school season approaching, I was reminded of my most embarrassing preschool drop off moment to date… I backed into a fellow preschool mom’s minivan after dropping off my daughter at school one February morning. I was absolutely mortified getting out of my vehicle to face her. While I uttered out that I was so […]

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Easy Breakfast Ideas for School Days

Man, oh man, it’s that time again. Well for me, it’s the first time in years since I’ve lived the back-to-school life. My five-year old daughter is officially a kindergartener! Even though I am a morning person, I personally have never had a good breakfast routine. I wake up and want to get straight into […]

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The Simple Things of Spring Break

I’m always looking forward to my kids being home from school.  I sometimes long for the preschool days when we had carefree days to sit outside with the neighbors or take slow deliberate trips to the library and open gym at Metro Stars.  In the moment, those days were long and tiring, but there was […]

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National S.T.E.M. Day

While growing up, I was surrounded by STEM influences. My mother was a middle school math teacher, my father a lawyer by day and an aspiring paleontologist by weekend encouraged me and my younger brothers to be master builders, amateur wild life experts, and multiplication table junkies. My brothers’ love for all things engineering and […]

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