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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Last month, beloved fans and National Public Television celebrated 50 years of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  I don’t know about you, but I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and found comfort in his quiet demeanor and the imaginative Neighborhood of Make Believe.  There was this sense that everything had its correct place, daily tasks could be […]

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ISO: Casual Mom Friend

I felt like taking out an ad that read:  I want to live more fully and explore the world of motherhood with a few close friends—any takers? Because motherhood can be lonely, I decided to write a letter instead. Hi Nolan’s mom and dad… Scratch that too hetero-normative-you know better, Becka. Maybe it is two […]

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We Can Love

I’ve cried so many tears for Florida. My husband and I have debated the politics. My fellow teachers and I have discussed the next steps, and my pack of moms and I have cried. We all grapple with where to place our energy at times like this because–quite honestly– there have been too many times […]

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Boomerang Brain

I refer to it as my boomerang brain. Information comes in, it goes out, it comes back, and this cycle happens endlessly until I do something with that piece of information.

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