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The Sports Debate:: Break or Push Through?

Some children are naturally athletic. Put a racket in their hand or a ball at their feet and wondrous things happen. Others have the means, the commitment, and the determination to excel in sports. Attending multiple practices a week, games every weekend, and qualifying for select or elite teams is what they strive for and […]

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Awkward Mom Moments

From the moments of infant blowouts and leaking breasts to the toddler years of curiosity and to the days of school-aged kids to angst-ridden tweens, moms have the awkward odds stacked against them. With each passing parenting season, awkward mom moments change and evolve—always catching us off guard and making for a quick chuckle and […]

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Happy Pi Day

National Pi Day:: Let Them Eat Pie!

I know what you’re thinking. “Have an original idea, Audra.” But seriously, what better day is there than National Pi Day to eat pie??? (Other than National Pie Day, of course.) I could eat it all day–strawberry pie, apple pie, chicken pot pie, sweet potato pie, Shepherd’s pie, Chess pie, peanut butter pie, Derby pie… […]

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