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To introduce myself officially I want to tell you a little story about a gal I “know.”  She is a 37-year-old woman who is happy with life.  She has two amazing daughters: Taylor Mae who is 6 and Charlotte who is 4 years old. They’re done with diapers, nearly done with day care (cue the […]

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Secrets: One Mom’s Confession

Dirty little parenting secrets. We all have them. Most of the time we keep them quiet, trying to convince the other moms (and maybe ourselves) that we have this thing under control. We run a tight ship. I’m going to confess some of mine and admit that I do not always have this parenting gig […]

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flying with kids

5 Rules of Air Travel with Kids

Travel by air is by far one of the biggest stressors of convenience in modern life.  While it is much quicker (usually) to travel by air, it is not without its aggravations and inconveniences.  Add kids into the mix, and it can become a recipe for disaster.  No longer are your kids on their normal […]

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Job Opportunity

Job Opportunities

We are excited to be growing our Executive Team! We have two job opportunities currently open. Are you interested in supporting the community we are building and continuing to grow Omaha Moms Blog? If you are interested in this opportunity, please review the job description and submit your application.

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mom perspective

Perspective: My Most Powerful “Mom” Tool

I’m a super planner so I’ve always got emergency diapers and clothes in the car; I over-pack the diaper bag with activities to keep my nearly 2-year-olds entertained if we actually go out to dinner; I pull the tabs out on juice boxes so the girls don’t squeeze the juice out all over; I shop […]

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Impressions Aside, Let’s be Real

I love seeing pictures of homes all pretty and clean. Decorative pillows line the couch and throw blankets are folded nicely across the ottoman. A trio of candles are lit on the mantle and the latest décor graces the walls. My Pinterest feed is full of pictures like this. My home on the other hand, […]

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Park Hops Omaha

Summer Park Hop- Fontenelle Forest

We are happy to partner with American Ethanol Nebraska for this sponsored post.We are teaming up with Fontenelle Forest for our next Summer Park Hop! For over a century, thousands of families have experienced the quiet wild of Nebraska’s Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods–hiking, playing, and exploring the 26 miles of maintained trails and 2,000 […]

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