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10 Things That Turn Toddlers Into Bloodhounds

Toddlers are wonderful, snugly, loving little people. They are cute and cuddly, like teddy bears. However, there are some things that turn them into bloodhounds.  They pick up the scent and begin tracking. They will not stop their hunt until they find their prize.  

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Finding Time…

It’s beginning to look  at lot like….the holidays. For me, it starts the minute October 1st rolls around, there’s a sort of magic that begins and just builds momentum until January 1st.

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Family Room Before: Arial photo of the destruction a toddler can accomplish in just a few short minutes.

Organizing the Chaos

I’m a bit of a neat freak. I enjoy organizing. Not just having a home for everything and knowing where it is, but the color coordinated, super pretty (super time-intensive) organizing

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A Christmas Budgeting Carol

The ghosts show Scrooge his mistakes and what his future could be like if he continues in his terrible ways. While I cannot perfectly predict what your financial future will look like, I do want to share some Past, Present, and Future budgeting tips.

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