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Finding the Perfect Family Photographer–Part 1

We are thrilled to partner with Alyson Lolli Photography for this sponsored post.School started, sports are in full swing, and the holidays are approaching quickly. But that sinking realization just hit – you need updated family photos… yesterday!  No problem, you’ll just post to your favorite local mom social media group and ask for recommendations. […]

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Husker Game Day: Hacks and Hints

When I moved to Nebraska three years ago and began working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it was evident that this state loves football. In fact, more specifically they love Husker football. According to Husker Athletics, “Memorial Stadium has been sold out for home football games since 1962 and becomes the third largest city in Nebraska […]

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Thinking About the Tough Stuff

I am probably on the worrier side of things. I generally follow the motto of plan for the worst but hope for the best. For me, I will think about what we’re going to do and anticipate all necessary things I can have planned to make sure everything goes smoothly. I can remember this winter […]

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