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Thankful for Nurses:: National Nurses Day

It’s National Nurses Day and every year my daughter and I make a special trip to Bergan Mercy Hospital and this year will be no different. For many people, the birth of their first child is a memorable experience—one to remember for all the ages. I guess, for me, that part of my story is […]

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Awkward Mom Moments

From the moments of infant blowouts and leaking breasts to the toddler years of curiosity and to the days of school-aged kids to angst-ridden tweens, moms have the awkward odds stacked against them. With each passing parenting season, awkward mom moments change and evolve—always catching us off guard and making for a quick chuckle and […]

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Happy Pi Day

National Pi Day:: Let Them Eat Pie!

I know what you’re thinking. “Have an original idea, Audra.” But seriously, what better day is there than National Pi Day to eat pie??? (Other than National Pie Day, of course.) I could eat it all day–strawberry pie, apple pie, chicken pot pie, sweet potato pie, Shepherd’s pie, Chess pie, peanut butter pie, Derby pie… […]

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International Women’s Day 2019

March 8th is International Women’s Day and though it has been celebrated internationally since 1911, it wasn’t until having my daughters that I started celebrating the day. Why did I wait so long to start celebrating an amazing day dedicated to strong, powerful women from all over the world? I was already celebrating Taco Tuesday [...]
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Social Media, I Bid You Adieu For Lent

Every January and February as Lent approaches, those of us who celebrate try to get creative as to what we are going to (and hopefully stick to being able to) “give up” for 40 days.  If I am being honest, there are many years that I have skipped giving up anything all together, and others […]

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