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Restorative Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Moms

Restorative Yoga Flow for the Busy Mom: A Memoir of My Daily Practice

Restorative Vinyasa Flow: Yoga for Mamas Estimated time: 15 minutes Mom-time: 60 minutes, spread over several hours Props needed: Yoga mat Slightly damp towel, from last night’s bath time, because you can’t find your yoga mat anywhere. Water or organic herbal tea with organic, local honey from free-range bees Cold coffee that’s been microwaved 3x, yet […]

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Fresh Wellness Foundation {Non-Profit Feature}

Picture this: it is winter…in Nebraska. It’s freezing cold and completely unpredictable. You have to walk to work wearing only a windbreaker. To say that it’s not an ideal situation would be quite the understatement. That’s the unfortunate reality for many kids in Omaha on their walk to school every day. Enter the Fresh Wellness Foundation. About the […]

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