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15 Restaurant Options for a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

For most people, Thanksgiving is centered around the table.  Family and friends unite to celebrate all they are thankful for, over a traditional home-cooked meal.  A turkey with all the trimmings. Stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and don’t forget the pumpkin pie! Recipes passed down from generations fill the table, but in a […]

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Three Vegetarian Myths Debunked

I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade, and throughout that time, I have been asked every question under the sun about my diet; I have been judged for being vegetarian while pregnant; and I have received scrutiny for raising my children in a mostly meatless household. So in the spirit of vegetarian awareness month, […]

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Soup: The Perfect Football Food

It is that time of year again! Most Nebraskans celebrate its return. The crisp air, cool nights, exciting match-ups and extended times with friends where we consume too many calories.  The truly loyal wear red every Saturday. It is a Husker football time!  Now, what would a Husker game be without a good get-together with […]

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7 Steps to Make Family Dinner Easier

It’s 5:00 again. Homework, swimming, karate, dance, baseball, soccer, whatever. Husband is running late. Toddler is melting down. Baby is crying. Big kids kids are starving. I look in the fridge and see half a gallon of milk, some mayo, ketchup, and some shredded cheese. The pantry is just as bare. Should we go through […]

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