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Finding the Perfect Family Photographer–Part 1

We are thrilled to partner with Alyson Lolli Photography for this sponsored post.School started, sports are in full swing, and the holidays are approaching quickly. But that sinking realization just hit – you need updated family photos… yesterday!  No problem, you’ll just post to your favorite local mom social media group and ask for recommendations. […]

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Never Look at 9/11 Same Again

Why I’ll Never Look at 9/11 The Same Again

Where were you on September 11th, 2001 around 9 am? I was in high school at home room in the cafeteria when one of the teachers walked through the door and said, “We’re under attack.” The remainder of the day was spent watching the news in various classrooms, taking in the magnitude of 9/11. It […]

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Practicing Empathy Helps Me to Teach it

I’m writing this month’s blog post from a beautiful beach house in southern California. All is calm and quiet… because it’s 5 in the morning California time. The last 24 hours tried every ounce of my empathy. I am so grateful now that I chose to focus on empathy for the month of July. If […]

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It’s Cool to be Kind

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” –Aesop When we tell our kids, “Be kind,” what we’re really saying is, “Be helpful. Act with others’ feelings in mind.” This is a hard concept to grasp, even for many adults. Shoot, just sitting down to write about kindness, over and over I’ve […]

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Justifying Staying Home

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for over seven years. It was a decision we made after having our second and facing the fact that daycare for two was nearly my entire paycheck. We budgeted, financed, and couponed long before I left my job and have continued to do so as the years tick by. In […]

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reluctant reader

The Reluctant Reader (Part 1)

At some point in life, children need to learn how to read. For some, it’s easy. For others, it’s not. Reading is one of those skills that takes a lot of practice. But how do you encourage someone who’s not interested? What do you do if you have a reluctant reader? Lack of Interest My […]

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reluctant reader

The Reluctant Reader’s Book List (Part 2)

If you read my previous post on The Reluctant Reader, you’ll know that we struggled a bit to find books that my daughter was not only interested in reading, but that she could read. Making the transition from easy readers to chapter books put us on the hunt for books to help bridge the gap. I’ve compiled […]

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