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Fur Desk Chair- Facebook Ad

My DIY Frugal Fur Chair

I’m usually up for a good DIY project. Nothing too intense though—no saws and no, you will not see me busting down drywall. But I do enjoy trying out new creative outlets.  I’ve made pottery, painted furniture, and have had so much fun crafting on my Cricut machine. Mostly I DIY for fun and sometimes [...]
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Happy National Hobby Month!

Happy National Hobby Month!

I tended to do well in the sciences and mainly focused on those courses in school. But, at home, I had a mother who was always dabbling in different hobbies. Little did I know back then, but helping my mom with crafts such as scrapbooking, quilting, flower arranging, and DIYs gave me the artistic outlet […]

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New Year

Celebrating New Years Eve with Toddlers

New Years Eve is probably the biggest holiday that has changed since becoming a mother. New Years before kids consisted of short, sparkly dresses; heels, dancing and drinking champagne until the early morning; followed by sleeping until noon, watching college football, and eating junk food all day. Sure, having young kids is a blessing, but […]

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time saving tips

My Top 4 Time Saving Habits

Even before I was a parent, I was the type of person who knew exactly how long it took me to get from Point A to Point B. It doesn’t matter what day it is, we still have only 24 hours to do everything we need and want to do. Time is so valuable and […]

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Gallery Wall

Make Your Room Pop With a Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall. I would have one in every room in my house if I could! I think there’s just something about a gallery wall that brings a room together and adds a bit of personality to a space. It’s also an excellent way to fill up large walls or strange room […]

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Birthdays on a Budget

Well, it happened.   My baby turned one and I cried enough to fill up lake Zorinsky. Tears aside, we had a great celebration for him! He had a smash cake to tear apart and plenty of cupcakes to go around. I am a lover of paper invitations and sent out monster themed cards to […]

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