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Caring for Dry Skin During the Winter

These past couple of months have been colder than I’ve experienced since moving to Omaha. Combined with sensitive, eczema prone skin, I’ve learned a couple of tricks to stay on top of my skin care. If you’ve found yourself looking for some solutions for dry skin this winter, hopefully these tips will work for you!

Winter Skin OmahaStay Hydrated

This is a tip that is always shared, but it is so important. I notice a big difference in my skin on the days that I don’t have enough water. Keeping your water levels up either by drinking water throughout the day or eating hydrating fruits and veggies can help maintain hydration from the inside out. The amount of water a person should drink on a daily basis varies. Find the balance for you. For example, if you find yourself using the restroom too much, scale it back.

Recently I learned a new technique to deliver more moisture to my face. Take a soaking wet washcloth and let it sit on your face for 10 minutes. This helps your dry skin absorb more moisture. The trick to locking that moisture in is to immediately applying moisturizer. Using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid also helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Choose Your Skin Products

If your skin has been excessively dry this winter, changing up your skin care products may be the key. I now use products that specifically help with hydration. Everything from my toner, serums and heavy creams all aim at providing more moisture to my face. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to do some patch testing and look into the possibility of returning the product if it doesn’t suit you. Finding the right products that work for you is so important. It also can be quite a journey. Working with an esthetician can help make these decisions easier.

Maintain a Skin Care Routine

This was a big one for me. As a mom of two toddlers, taking time to care for myself on a regular basis is a struggle. This winter has taught me the importance of keeping up with my skin care routine. On the weeks that I neglected my skin care, I would breakout in eczema patches as well as small pimples here and there. Long days and nights were no longer an excuse. After New Year’s weekend, about 80% of my face was covered in eczema from the subzero temperatures. By keeping up with my routine I was able to bring down the flares after just two days.

Application Tips

Wearing makeup can be quite challenging with dry, flaky skin. I’ve learned to allow time for products to absorb into my skin. This is most especially useful when applying moisturizer. My skin is so dry I almost always apply at least two to three layers of moisturizer to last me throughout the day. Applying the following layers a couple minutes apart prevents any clumping of the thick moisturizer. Also, when I apply moisturizer to my face, I make sure to apply it gently in a downward motion. This prevents any rubbing of the skin in different directions, which can also lead to the skin flaking.

For dry skin, I prefer to use liquid foundation. Using a blending sponge to apply makeup in a bouncing motion has been a game changer. I used to apply foundation with my fingertips until I learned that this can actually make the skin flake up. If dry patches come up during the day, my best tip is to lightly pat on your moisturizer on that area and try your best not to pick at or peel the flaking skin. This is important because new skin is growing. Tugging at the flaking skin will also tug at the new layer of skin.

I hope you find these tips helpful during these winter months! What helps you and your skin get through the cold weather?

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