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I Pinky-Promise I Will Be a Good Sport

I have been a mom of kids in sports for ten years now, and I love it. My boys feel as comfortable on the field as they do in the classroom, and for that I am lucky. In this last decade, I have camped out on my fair share of bleachers, participated in many parent […]

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Mama: You Need to Meditate

My Problematic Morning Mantra to my Kids: “Come on. Let’s go.” “Your socks aren’t on yet, and school starts soon. Let’s do this, kiddos.” “You forgot what at home? We’ll have to hurry back to get it.” “We’re late. Hurry, kids!” Diagnosing the Problem One morning, on our drive to school, I really reflected on […]

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We Can Love

I’ve cried so many tears for Florida. My husband and I have debated the politics. My fellow teachers and I have discussed the next steps, and my pack of moms and I have cried. We all grapple with where to place our energy at times like this because–quite honestly– there have been too many times […]

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Nebraska Ethanol

Ethanol — A Greener Way to Drive

This post is sponsored by Clean Fuels Omaha.As a mom, I look for ways to lessen my carbon footprint, while simultaneously teaching my children to do the same. As a family, we do small things. We recycle, we garden, and we try to conserve our water usage, but another way to lessen our environmental impact […]

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Take a Girls’ Trip

My college friends and I recently went on a weekend trip to Galveston, Texas. For three years, we have made it a priority to get away together.Our kids are to a manageable age, our bodies are pretty rested from the newborn/toddler years, and we are in the right place to reconnect. There is something about […]

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