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Talking to Your Child About Suicide

It started out as just one. One well-known person committed suicide on June 5, 2018. I held my breath and hoped my almost 12-year-old, Jonah, didn’t see the headlines. The next day brought the inevitable. Another celebrity in the headlines, dead by suicide. Now, after 6 years of avoiding the conversation, it was time to […]

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Preparing for the Next Step: Middle School

  As my first born prepares to leave elementary school, this will be a bitter-sweet next few months for me. Our family will be experiencing lots of new beginnings and all the sad endings. No more cute little Christmas concerts, elaborate Halloween or Valentine’s Day parties where I made all the adorable little treats. My […]

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An Unexpected Tradition

We started a Mother’s Day tradition a few years ago, even though we didn’t even know we were doing it at the time. It was fairly simple, but it has blossomed into something so wonderful. One Mother’s Day, my husband and his mom decided to bring home lots of different flowers to plant in pots […]

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'Tis the Season for Flu Shots

‘Tis the Season for Flu Shots

OMB is not advocating for or against the flu shot. This is one writers perspective and ways to help the parents that decide it is best for their child.Probably one of the most challenging things as a parent is dealing with childhood vaccinations. I am not here to debate on whether you should or should […]

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Finding a balance between school and home.

Let’s first begin with one fact: I am a teacher. When the kids go back to school, I go back to school. There’s no more sleeping in, being lazy, long summer days at pools or zoos or whatever we feel like doing when we feel like doing it. It’s back to the grind for all […]

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No Summer Bucket List Here

Summer Bucket List I’ve noticed over the last couple of years a lot of parents make a “Summer Bucket List.” They post check off lists of vacations or things to do during a “staycation.” While both of those things are very fun, they are also exhausting for parents, their pocket books, and even the kids. […]

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