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Starting Out as a Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling was something that I always wanted to do. I loved the idea of facilitating my children’s education and being really hands-on. I homeschooled my oldest for preschool when he was 4, but when we lost our son Bennett, I lost my ability to focus on anything. Homeschooling was intimidating and felt impossible. We found a […]

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Our Family’s Omaha Holiday Traditions

Sing it with me…It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I just love this time of year so much! I could listen to Christmas music all year, and I just love looking at all the beautiful Christmas decorations as we’re driving around town or while shopping at the mall. I even get the boys […]

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Making “Me” Time

A few days ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to cook dinner so we ordered carry out from Buffalo Wild Wings and I went to pick it up. When I got there, there was still about twenty minutes left to wait for our order, so I went and sat at the bar by myself […]

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Gallery Wall

Make Your Room Pop With a Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall. I would have one in every room in my house if I could! I think there’s just something about a gallery wall that brings a room together and adds a bit of personality to a space. It’s also an excellent way to fill up large walls or strange room […]

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Staycation Destinations

staycation [stey-key-shuh n] noun a vacation spent at home or near home, doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions. Growing up, I always thought there was nothing to do in Omaha. I want to make sure that my kids don’t feel the same way about this city that I love so much. A staycation is a […]

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School Days Are Here Again

It’s hard to believe that the end of summer is almost here, but as they say–time flies when you’re having fun. We jam-packed our summer with baseball games, pool parties, and trips to the zoo. Before we know it, it’ll be time to head back to school! The end of summer/beginning of the school year […]

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Confessions of a Baby Book Slacker

When I was pregnant with Turner, it was vital to me that we find the perfect baby book for him. Adam and I searched store after store for just the right book. I knew that this was the book that I would use to keep track of all of his milestones, cute moments, and baby […]

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Road Trippin’

Like I said in my last blog post, I love a good road trip! It’s a great opportunity to see more of the country and to make great memories! We have gone on road trips that were only a few hours long and some that took a few days to get to the last stop. […]

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Road Trippin’ Tips

Some of my favorite childhood memories took place on road trips. Every summer, my dad would grab the newest Atlas, my Mom would pack our neon clothes (hello 90s!), and they’d lay down the backseats of our station wagon for another trip to remember. You know the station wagon I’m talking about..the one with the […]

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