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International Women’s Day 2019

March 8th is International Women’s Day and though it has been celebrated internationally since 1911, it wasn’t until having my daughters that I started celebrating the day. Why did I wait so long to start celebrating an amazing day dedicated to strong, powerful women from all over the world? I was already celebrating Taco Tuesday [...]
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Perfect Mom

Four Ways to be the Perfect Mother :: A Satire

Some women are natural-born mothers—they are Mary Poppins, Mother Goose, and Joanna Gaines wrapped into one perfectly-styled-Instagram-ready woman. They leave the hospital equipped with the knowledge and the how-to of being the perfect mother. There are no hesitations, questions, or sleepless nights because they have all the answers. And as one of these know-it-all mothers, […]

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New Year

Celebrating New Years Eve with Toddlers

New Years Eve is probably the biggest holiday that has changed since becoming a mother. New Years before kids consisted of short, sparkly dresses; heels, dancing and drinking champagne until the early morning; followed by sleeping until noon, watching college football, and eating junk food all day. Sure, having young kids is a blessing, but […]

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Stress-Free Gift Giving

The holidays are approaching and with them, lights will soon be twinkling, wreaths will be hanging on front doors, and the never ending Christmas list will be written. If you’re like me, your buying habits have changed from when you were first introduced to discretionary income. Having a few dollars in your checking account meant […]

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Dry erase markers on the back of the toilet to pass the time...just make sure they erase...

In the Potty Training Trenches

Potty training toddlers is not for the faint of heart. I’d rather go to the dentist every day for a month to get my teeth drilled, without Novacane, than attempt to potty train another toddler. There is nothing fun about dealing with human feces and urine 20+ times a day. Oh but think of the […]

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