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Job Opportunity

Job Opportunities

We are excited to be growing our Executive Team! We have two job opportunities currently open. Are you interested in supporting the community we are building and continuing to grow Omaha Moms Blog? If you are interested in this opportunity, please review the job description and submit your application.

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My Cup Does NOT Runneth Over

Oh em gee—there is it.  Act natural! This happens to everyone and it’s NOT a big deal.  Act natural. Quick! Put it in the basket.  Act natural. Oh I’ll cover it up with my other Target finds. Alright let’s do this! Diva discovery About two years ago I heard about a Diva Cup, and my […]

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A Mother’s Day Wish

As Mother’s Day approaches once again, I brace myself for the roller coaster of feelings that inevitably come with it. Eleven years ago, after months of preparing for our first child, my husband and I had a beautiful baby girl on Mother’s Day. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Until you hear that due to complications sustained […]

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workout with kids

Three Workouts with Mom

For me, the chances of sliding out of the house undetected for an hour of alone gym time is exactly 0%, and a membership that allows for in-facility daycare is not an option, either. Although these two obstacles could be perceived as insurmountable, I’ve found that I’m better off in this predicament; learning to adapt […]

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Teaching Disciplined Digital Use – Part III of Cyber Wellness

On November 10th, 2017 I attended a Digital Literacy Conference which addressed concerns about the powerful effect of the Media and Digital Technology on our youth.  The following is a continuation of two former posts:  Media’s Influence on Youth – Part I of Cyber Wellness and Gender Stereotyping – Part II of Cyber Wellness. Media […]

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