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Easter Printables

Easter Printable Activities that Foster Memories

I love Easter. There’s just something so wonderful about new beginnings and new seasons (oh and lots of sunshine) that I just simply love about this lovely holiday. But you know what I don’t love about Easter? Candy by the buckets that will never get eaten. Trinkets that break upon opening.  Things that will be […]

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Weird Love: 4 Things I Love About My Husband

I am in love with love.  As much as I love cerebral indie movies, my favorite ones will always be the ones where girl-next-door gets guy, the girl has a falling out, but then girl gets the guy, and they live happily ever after! You know, à la Hallmark romance, right? Marriage doesn’t quite look like that, […]

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Imana Kids

Imana Kids {Non Profit Feature}

Omaha! Somewhere in the middle of America! I’m not sure if you’ve ever been out of town when someone’s asked you where you live and they blurt out this catchy little lyric from the Counting Crows. There’s something comfortable about being in the middle of something, but also isolating. Have you ever felt that way? […]

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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies and the Joy They Bring

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a kitchen where Christmas cookies are baking. My husband’s aunt is the person we affectionately call the better Martha Stewart. Her garden is an eden, she knows a million and one recipes, and she bakes the best cookies. I’ve been so blessed to walk into such […]

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concert goers

A Season of Concerts: Omaha Concert Venues

My brother-in-law told me the scariest statistic I had ever heard a couple years ago:  We stop discovering new music at age 30. What? 30?? That better be because I drop dead or I’ve lost my hearing in some freak accident. Chalk it up being a millennial or what have you, but I wanted to […]

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Fright-Free Halloween Alternatives

As October rolls around, you can’t escape Halloween! From giant spider displays at Costco to the endless advertisements for haunted houses, it seems like Halloween is ALWAYS spooky. But for families with little ghouls or even those who prefer not to be spooked, there are some really awesome alternatives throughout Omaha for our non-creepy crowd. […]

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Sharing Mi Familia

¡Señoras y Señores, buenas tardes, buenas noches! I’m bursting with excitement to share this upcoming month of Hispanic Heritage Month! I am of Mexican-Guatemalan descent and a first generation American. I love being able to share glimpses into mi familia, so it’s obvious this month fills me with joy. Here is the history and a few […]

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