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Having “The Talk”

Yep, that one. The one with the capital T and deserves air quotes. The one you dread as a parent. The one that signifies your child isn’t a baby anymore because, well, they want to know where babies come from. Maybe you remember having the Talk with a parent when you were a child. Maybe […]

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kids on bikes

Bike Safety Tips

Fall is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors. The air is warm, but not too warm; the humidity is low, when it’s not raining; and the kids still want to be outside, or maybe that’s just their way of putting off homework. Either way, one thing we try to do until the weather […]

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Justifying Staying Home

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for over seven years. It was a decision we made after having our second and facing the fact that daycare for two was nearly my entire paycheck. We budgeted, financed, and couponed long before I left my job and have continued to do so as the years tick by. In […]

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reluctant reader

The Reluctant Reader (Part 1)

At some point in life, children need to learn how to read. For some, it’s easy. For others, it’s not. Reading is one of those skills that takes a lot of practice. But how do you encourage someone who’s not interested? What do you do if you have a reluctant reader? Lack of Interest My […]

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Impressions Aside, Let’s be Real

I love seeing pictures of homes all pretty and clean. Decorative pillows line the couch and throw blankets are folded nicely across the ottoman. A trio of candles are lit on the mantle and the latest décor graces the walls. My Pinterest feed is full of pictures like this. My home on the other hand, […]

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family photo

Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Jennie

Omaha Born and raised in small-town Nebraska, I never thought I’d raise children in Omaha. Back then, Omaha seemed like a BIG city. Now, having lived here for eleven years, I’ve come to realize it’s just a big small-town with all the wonderful amenities of a city. Even though we live in Elkhorn, about as […]

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