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The Kitchen Table

Years ago, we acquired a kitchen table when our table for four would no longer accommodate our family of five. The previous owner gushed memories about Thanksgiving Dinner around this table, and how she had mixed feelings seeing it walk out her door. Her parting phrase was an encouraging one. She was happy to know […]

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Ways to help Nebraska


We Nebraskans—we’re a strong bunch. But I don’t have to tell you that. If you live here, you know it. I don’t have to rehash with you the rare phenomenon of a bomb cyclone. How, in our ever-changing state of weather, we can go from high to low pressure in too few hours and experience […]

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The Sports Debate:: Break or Push Through?

Some children are naturally athletic. Put a racket in their hand or a ball at their feet and wondrous things happen. Others have the means, the commitment, and the determination to excel in sports. Attending multiple practices a week, games every weekend, and qualifying for select or elite teams is what they strive for and […]

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Lucky Little Leprechauns

theyWe may not be Irish in our household, but I have three lucky little leprechauns. What makes them so lucky? Me: their mom. Let me count the ways: I’m mom: their alarm clock, hygiene manager, and life calendar When they miss their alarm or carelessly forget to set it, I wake them. I assemble school […]

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Snowball Fight to Life Lesson

It was the first snowfall. Fat, wet flakes pouring from the sky and accumulating quickly. The kind that after three inches can be rolled up like carpet and stacked high for forts and snowmen. The perfect kind for a snowball fight. Neighbor kids gathered, all ages and sizes, willing participants and not. It never fails, […]

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Save a Life: Donate Blood

January is National Blood Donor Month. It is a month where we pay tribute to blood donors for their contribution. It is also a time to increase awareness and donation. According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. With no substitution for human blood, this need must be […]

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Holiday Hacks: Shopping, Wrapping, Hiding Presents

I’ve had littlies in my house for over a decade. I’m the primary parent, the grocery shopper, and the gift purchaser. Typically, I’m all three at the same time. In addition, my house was built very efficiently. The original owners designed the house by optimizing every square inch for livable space. I appreciate this tremendously, except […]

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