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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Bingo

As parents, we want to make sure we set up our kids for success. One way to help make sure our kids are ready for success and the real world is to help make sure they understand how to use money appropriately. Education is meant to help our students learn new skills and school is […]

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A new way to become selfish—financially selfish

You’ve probably read about taking care of yourself and making sure you put yourself first.  In fact, writers for Omaha Mom’s Blog have written about it here and here.  I’ve even written a post about putting myself first and getting back into working out.  Mom guilt is a real thing and we as moms need […]

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mom fraud

Hey Mom—Do You Feel Like a Fraud?

Do you ever feel like a fraud—like you’re the only Mom who doesn’t have her stuff together?  Or you’re one Baby Shark replay away from absolutely losing it?  Is your motto “Fake it ‘til you make it!”? I often look around and wonder how all of these women know exactly what to do and I […]

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Lessons to learn from an Allowance

There are many ideas about allowance.  Some parents refuse to give kids an allowance because they are supposed to provide for the kids. Other parents just give a weekly amount of money for the kid to spend. Others will give money for work—sometimes extra work or work that is already expected of them (making bed, […]

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Thinking About the Tough Stuff

I am probably on the worrier side of things. I generally follow the motto of plan for the worst but hope for the best. For me, I will think about what we’re going to do and anticipate all necessary things I can have planned to make sure everything goes smoothly. I can remember this winter […]

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Summer Travel Budgeting Tips and Hacks

As a kid I always looked forward to summer—no school, long days and nights playing hide and seek, and popsicles.   As an adult, I still look forward to summer.  There’s something about summer that seems freeing and where working concerns seem to take the back burner.  Summer is also the time when families pack up […]

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