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No More Mommy Wars

 The ability to voice our opinions on the internet is a double-edged sword. With infinite topics and conversations, people find themselves engaged in great battles of words and wits.

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Our Children’s Future

There is no such thing as a perfect human being. I would even wager that for a human, being flawed is a requirement. Admitting that fact is a stepping stone to actively attempting to recognize and eliminate the flaws in ourselves that harm other people. That in itself is another stepping stone towards developing a […]

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New Mom | Believe Me

Believe Me: A New Mom’s Take On These Common Words

“Believe Me.” I never would have thought these two words could possibly make me cringe. In all fairness to those two words, they are usually accompanied by one particular phrase that I would be happy to never hear again.  “Oh, don’t look forward to (‘xyz’ milestone) because of (‘xyz’ inconvenience that comes with it).” The literal words are […]

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Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Halie

  Omaha Omaha, Nebraska has been my home for the past three years. I moved here from Kansas City, Kansas after having lived there for two years. Of course, through all of that, I am still a Georgia girl. I spent most of my life in Georgia, through childhood, adolescence, and the beginnings of adulthood. […]

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