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7 Steps to Make Family Dinner Easier

It’s 5:00 again. Homework, swimming, karate, dance, baseball, soccer, whatever. Husband is running late. Toddler is melting down. Baby is crying. Big kids kids are starving. I look in the fridge and see half a gallon of milk, some mayo, ketchup, and some shredded cheese. The pantry is just as bare. Should we go through […]

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7 Severe Weather Tips for Your Family

Skies have gotten dark. Rain is coming sideways. Winds are howling. Lighting is lighting up the sky. Thunder is rumbling the floors. Hail is pounding on the roof. Sirens start screaming for you to run to safety. What do you do? If you grew up in Nebraska, you stand on your front porch and watch. […]

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Celebrating Mom Year-Round

A few weeks ago, my husband asked me why my laundry pile was always five times bigger than everyone else in our family. I had no answer. I had never thought about it. He joked that maybe I just wear more clothes than everyone else. If you know me, you would laugh because I am […]

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10 Things That Turn Toddlers Into Bloodhounds

Toddlers are wonderful, snugly, loving little people. They are cute and cuddly, like teddy bears. However, there are some things that turn them into bloodhounds.  They pick up the scent and begin tracking. They will not stop their hunt until they find their prize.  

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Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Ashley

I have always loved writing. I remember as a child sneaking notebooks into my room at night in the hopes of writing the next great American novel. I am an introvert in person, tending to put up walls between myself and others. Yet, when I write I don’t hold anything back.

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